Friday, November 5, 2010

The Great Performance

Ben has been taking acoustic guitar lessons for about eight months. He came to me after school one day with a flyer from the town rec department that had a Beginner Acoustic Guitar class. I actually have an acoustic guitar that Chris purchased for me one Christmas (or birthday?). And the price of the class was very reasonable so I went and signed him up. The instructor was a women from town who both Ben and I liked instantly. The class was a great intro to acoustic guitar and Ben really enjoyed it. He wanted to continue with his teacher privately afterwards, which is what we did.

Fast forward to last week when his instructor organized a 'recital' at a local nursing home/rehab center where she is a physical therapist. Ben and his teacher's five other students had each prepared for a solo performance as well as a few songs they all played together.

Ben's solo was the song Puff the Magic Dragon. And much to my surprise, Jack had agreed to sing the song for Ben as he played. They were second to perform.

Ben played smoothly and aside from one glitch in the beginning when Jack lost his place reading the lyrics, the two performed great. I was one proud momma. Proud of Ben for how quickly he learned, how great he sounded and how confidently he played. And proud of Jack for standing up like a super-trooper for his brother and doing something I hate doing.....performing in front of others!

The residents and patients seemed to really enjoy hearing the kids play. They all read along to some of the group songs which included Brown-eyed Girl.

The six students had never played together as a group before but they sounded great! Ben was not only the only boy, but also the youngest and the least experienced student. But you would never have known!!

There is nothing this kid can't do!


Craigwp said...

Wonderful. What a great kid and story. WTG Ben. hope to see you on stage someday. You remind me of a young Elvis :-)

cggrlogan said...

How awesome that they performed together!


Deb Hanna said...

love it! he looks so serious. what a great brother jack is too.