Friday, November 26, 2010


Better late than never, I suppose. Here it is the day after Thanksgiving and I'm catching up on all things Halloween.

It was a good year for pumpkins this year! Last year was the worse year for pumpkin crops that I can remember. But this year they were big, beautiful and priced right. We had so many pumpkins and I could only push off the requests to carve them so many times. One afternoon Chica was pretty relentless so I caved in. We brought all the carving tools outside and I let her carve away.

This process kept her busy for some time. But eventually the hands were getting a little messy and she grew bored and decided it was time to move on to the next activity.

But not before I tried to get her to pose for me.

I was also trying to take a picture for a monthly contest themed "purple". I considered this photo but didn't end up using it.

Chica and her classmates celebrated Halloween by arriving to school in their costumes, posing for a picture and then having a fun day of Halloween activities.

My last preschool Halloween picture. Pretty cute way to end that nine-year tradition. Chica picked out her flying horse costume at Target and was very happy with her choice.

Moving on to the big night of Halloween, I dragged the kids outside to pose for some pictures in their costumes. Jack originally wasn't going to trick-or-treat because he figured there was no chance of eating most of the candy with his new braces. But he figured out pretty quickly how to eat almost type of candy without any problem.

Jack decided on a Michael Jackson costume this year, but was a tad disappointed at how curly the wig was.

Ben was very excited about his Red Crayon costume. Mr. Easy-to-Please

Luke selected a Ninja costume, a very fitting choice for him.

And the flying horse again.

All in all, the costume choice was not as painful as prior years. Everyone was happy.

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