Friday, December 3, 2010

All You Need Is Love

Today's prompt had us focus on LOVE. This is an overwhelming topic.....there are so many ways to document love. And in the short daylight hours while most of my loved ones were not home, I found myself looking for heart shapes. Chica and I stopped to look at Christmas decorations at a local garden shop and gathered up some fallen winter berries on our way out. I thought the green/red was Christmasy.

I was trying to capture Buddy giving Chica a big, fat, slobbery kiss but I had no luck there. When I pulled out the bribery treats, I noticed they were shaped like hearts....resulting in picture number 2. Buddy is a true LOVE of mine, that's for sure.

Some other captures were Chica loving Buddy...

Winter berries on mulch...

And a heart-shaped spot on one of the trees outside our library. I love those trees!!

Still no Christmas decorations out. Big plans for the weekend!

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Paula said...

these are great Michelle. Love it.