Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reframing the Season

This morning's prompt for Picture the Holidays was entitled Reframing the Season. The idea behind the theme is to look at the holidays differently (hence, 'reframe') in order to truly enjoy them. Boy, do I need some reframing for the holiday season. And by signing up for this class I think I took a step in the right direction.

Chica has a little class at our local YMCA with a few of her friends. After class she asked if her friend, Rose, could come over and play. Rose and Chica have known each other since they were born. Both were 4 this past June and both are the fourth (and final) kids in their families. I was happy to have Rose come over because I had nothing planned and hoped Chica and she would play and keep each other company so I could get a few things done around the house.

When I first read the reframing prompt I took it somewhat literally and remembered that I had an open-backed frame in the basement from a print I had reframed. I pulled out the frame and took the girls outside after lunch for a little photo shoot. I didn't think I captured something I would like until I downloaded the pictures and saw their little faces.

I couldn't help but be excited about this photo. I love their little faces and the color of their clothes. I love the way the photo captures their the frame. And when Rose's mom came to pick up her up I knew she was so sincerely thankful for the little play date which gave Rose a chance for her own playtime and gave her some quality time to accomplish things at home without distraction or guilt. She made a point to come back in the house to give me a hug and reiterate her thanks. The whole experience made me thankful to be able to give her the small gift of time today. Hopefully her accomplishments today will afford her a few extra zz's tonight, as we all need rest and health over these crazy holidays.

So let's hear it for Friendship over the holidays!

Here are some other outtakes from the photo shoot. The girls were such troopers.


cggrlogan said...

These are wonderful, Michelle! That first one is gorgeous. Lucky you to have a girl who's so cooperative and photogenic!


michelled said...

Thanks, Becky!! I'm thankful to be getting by these last couple days with no holiday decorations yet!!

It's fun! Thanks again.

thedailyclick said...

That is adorable!! Love the outtakes, too!