Monday, December 6, 2010

Every Little Thing

Today we were inspired to find delight in some small, unsuspecting item around us. This morning had a very rough start. After our family trip yesterday to get our Christmas tree and a fun evening of sorting through, reminiscing about and hanging our ornaments, the tree toppled over this morning. The most delicate ornaments shattered to pieces and some other favorites lost some heads, arms, legs and various pieces.

We got the tree back up and I just couldn't stomach piecing together the ornaments and taking inventory of what was lost. I had a busy and productive day of shopping.

I was encouraged that one of the ornaments I was able to salvage was the one Luke announced as his all-time favorite. A little super glue and the feet went right back on. I chose this ornament as the subject of today's prompt. I delighted in the strength of the glue. And I got my first holiday bokeh! Now to work on getting rid of that yellowish hue!

I also started another class today called Kim Klassen's Skinny-Mini E-course. Becky told me about it and it involves learning some things in Photoshop Elements. Bonus! Free course on Elements! It's like a Christmas present. The little lesson she gave today was cropping your photo and adding text. I already knew how to do both of those things, but I learned a few pointers with the text and downloaded a free font that I really like.

A vase of flowers left over from Thanksgiving has been staring at me for the week or so and I took a few snapshots and then applied what I learned from the class. I took the photo at night with the light from my new dining room chandelier. I was happy with the outcome though!!

Looking forward to learning more!!

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cggrlogan said...

Our tree fell over last year and we lost several ornaments and now I can't even remember which are gone. It was a sad day for sure. Now we wire the tree to the wall.

I hope you enjoy the KK class. It's easy, fun and she gives some good tips.