Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something New

My friend, Becky, inspired me to try something new. This morning I signed myself up for an online photography class called Picture the Holidays. The class involves receiving a daily prompt from the instructor every day during December and taking a picture/pictures that fit the prompt. You share your photo with the other people taking the class and hopefully receive some feedback. Or, as the website states, "Picture the Holidays is a photo centric daily guide to creativity and mindfully celebrating the season".

This class poses several challenges for me. First, I have never done anything like this before.....forcing myself to take a photo every day and sharing it with others. Second, this time of year is typically insane and almost uncomfortably busy. The past couple of years I really didn't feel like I enjoyed the holidays at all because I was rushing to get things done until the very end. Yuck! I'm hoping that instead of adding further stress, this class will force me to prepare for the holidays better, faster, smarter! Third, this time of year is when my camera usually stays in the bag for an extended period. The lighting isn't good...the weather isn't's a real challenge to take pictures with natural light inside the house.

But I dove into the class anyway figuring 'what the heck'? I have a jump on my Christmas shopping and I'm feeling like I want to do this for myself.

So, the first prompt asked to photograph something that you are grateful for. Well, this first day of class is as gray, dark and rainy as can be. The light inside was horrible. I left the house this morning on my way to do Christmas errands. I left with my camera bag, just in case I saw something to photograph. As I was driving down the street I passed a house on my left that I always look at. There are window boxes in the front and the owner of the house has a couple of cats that take turns sleeping in the window boxes. I have been wanting to photograph this for probably about a year. I drove past the house and then stopped. What better time to take a photo then Day 1 of my class?? I put the car in reverse and backed up in front of the house.

With my zoom lens I was able to capture the cat sleeping there. I eventually called out to the cat and it lifted its sleepy head at me.

I wasn't sure if my classmates would understand why I would chose this photo for gratitude. What it comes down to is that I am so grateful that I took my camera with me, that the cat was sleeping in the window box and that I stopped to take a photo. I'm grateful for my love of animals and for what this sleeping kitty represents - rest, peace and quiet.....all things I'm striving for this holiday season.


cggrlogan said...

That's what's great about this class, I have lots of things that I think about photographing but don't without the prompts.

I totally get your gratitude. :)


john said...

great shot michelle! it's an awesome feeling when things 'line up' in life....especially for a photograph that you've been meaning to make. you may take many more shots of that same cat by the same window...but it will never be the same as this one. there's power in that.

hope you're able to slow down the holiday season chaos....soak it up...and take more photos. keep that camera close by :)

Paula said...

This is awesome . . . everything . . . the picture, the story, and the online class thing.