Sunday, December 5, 2010

The View From Here

I had a plan for today's prompt as soon as I woke up and learned that our goal was to capture a photo of the outdoors, either from inside or outside the house. We had plans to get our Christmas tree where I love the view of the sprawling lines of trees and a huge red barn. The weather was extremely cold and it wasn't as fun a trip as it might have been. But I was able to capture the landscape I had in mind.

And my other photo choice for today was a picture of Chris and Chica walking out to the field to meet us. Somehow Chica forgot her coat and nobody noticed until she announced she was cold. Back they went to the car and the boys and I trudged along to find a tree.

Today's prompt was particularly interesting to see what the weather is like at different parts of the country through everyone's photos!


cggrlogan said...

Great barn photo! You will have to come back to that one when you take the Kim Klassen class. Toward the end she texturizes a barn photo and I think it would be perfect for this photo! What is the yellow in front of the barn?


michelled said...

Thanks, Becky. In front of the barn is a field...possibly of pumpkins? So pretty there.