Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And so this was Christmas.....

Per usual, I did not take one picture this past Christmas Day. It's always so hectic and the pics don't come out good at all. But there were some classic pre-Christmas activities that I did not leave undocumented (not to mention all the the pictures I took in my Picture the Holidays class!!).

One very cold day we headed back to Connecticut to our favorite Christmas Tree farm. Nobody noticed when Chica left the car without a jacket so she and Chris went back to get her bundled up and then caught back up with us.

The farm had cleared out substantially all of the trees in the area we had found our last two trees, but we headed there anyway to see what we could find. We came up empty and headed back to a new spot.

A little fun...

It took forever for us to find a tree. We tend to be picky and have a hard time agreeing as a group. (Dad admitted he would switch to a fake tree but I say NO WAY - this is one of my favorite traditions). The kids were happy to pose despite the chilly temps....

Except Luke. He wanted to leave before we even got there. Too cold for him! But we finally found the tree - a big fat Balsam.

Chica really wanted a picture of herself by a little tree and Jack kept sneaking in the picture and ticking her off. I finally got her to stop pouting and pose....and he jumped backed in the picture. I thought she was going to pummel him to the ground.

And here is the picture she was going for...

I wish there had been snow for a prettier experience, but I still captured the beautiful, sprawling red barn.

We brought the tree home and decorated it that night. In the morning before school it came crashing down. That was probably the worst part of the holiday season for me. I salvaged some favorite ornaments and we lost a few. But that was the worst of it, so I cannot complain.

Then we had the annual preschool gingerbread houses! I went in to help Chica and her classmates. The last gingerbread house making.....sniff sniff.

She worked diligently to finish her creation....and couldn't wait to get it home so she could eat it!!

A week later was Chica's Christmas show, The Littlest Tree. What a difference from last year! The kids all sang loudly and were really into it.

I was so proud of my little girl.

The rest of the holiday went smoothly. The gifts that were a hit for the kids were: Ipod Touch for Jack, Guardians of Ga'hoole DS game and books for Ben, Nerf Gun and DS games for Luke and Furreal Pet for Chica. It was the best Christmas yet for me as a mom. Everyone was healthy and happy.

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cggrlogan said...

Love her look at Jack, so cute! The holidays sure did fly by! Enjoy the snow day!