Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gather Your Thoughts (12/31 prompt)

So this is my last post related to my Picture the Holidays class. I am happy to report that I completed 27 of the 31 prompts. But in some cases I submitted more than one maybe that gets me from a B+ to an A-.

So related to this prompt, I have gathered some thoughts on the holiday season, my class and my hopes for 2011. The picture I selected is one from a chair lift with my Chica. Rides on the lift are so peaceful...and they give you time to either reflect or to chat with your chair-mate. Here is our shadow....looking forward to the top of the mountain....looking forward to 2011.

It was probably the best Christmas for me so far since I've had kids. I organized and shopped on-line early to avoid last minute scrambles to stores. I had substantially all the gifts wrapped ahead of time thanks to a bonus day when Chris took the kids skiing for the day. I baked the cookies I wanted to bake. I hosted Christmas Eve for 40 people and that went great. And nobody was sick in our house - a true blessing. All the kids were happy with their gifts. Nothing had to be returned. It was just a great Christmas, and I am so thankful.

And during the hectic month of December, thanks to my Picture the Holidays class, I had my camera out and was looking at things differently than I ever would have. I played with manual mode, went off one night to photograph outside Christmas lights, achieved lots of cool Christmas light bokeh, and learned about textures and applied them to some of my photographs. I enjoyed 'getting to know' some of the other class participants and giving and receiving comments on photos. All and all, a great time.

For this year, I plan on further enhancing my photography skills. I am taking an online photoshop class beginning later this month. And from there I will apply what I learn and hopefully continue to achieve my own style.

So let's here it for 2011!


cggrlogan said...

Here here! Let's grow together! :)


Paula said...

Michelle, I really enjoyed all of your pictures. I'm sad that your class is over. I would give you an A+. The pictures were all beautiful.

michelled said...

Thank you so much Paula!! You make me want to do the next class!! But I think I'll take a break until my class starts in a couple weeks.

DebraP said...

I love this shot!!