Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Legos It Is!

My third little guy turned 7 this past October. I had his physical a couple of weeks ago and verified why it seemed he had grown so much. In less than a year he had grown 2.5 inches and put on over 5 pounds. Looking at him you might have thought 5 inches and 2.5 pounds. He has become quite lanky and doesn't have a lot of heft to his frame.

But alas - the Big 7! Luke decided he wanted to have a home birthday party with a lego theme. I was dreading (big time) a home party but decided to go for it. I searched around the internet for some ideas on how to proceed with the party. Rather than purchase legos in bulk which the kids could build and then take home I opted to scatter our own legos out for the kids to build with. What also helped me with this decision was an unexpected connection at the Lego Corp that brought me tons of cool lego sets at a substantial discount to give as party favors.

So when the kids arrived I had the legos laying on our dining room table and they weren't shy about building away.

What I didn't get any pictures of were all of the neat creations made by the kids. A friend suggested little cards to display the names of the creations and the kids got really into that. They were proud of their creations and came up with some interesting names.

There weren't a whole lot of activities planned. I was hoping the kids would sit and build legos nonstop for 1.5 hours. But that wasn't going to happen. I sent the kids on a treasure hunt around the house. That proved to be a big hit for them and for me. I had typed up clues leading them to different spots around the house and they were challenged to work together as a group to read the clues and figure out where to go next. Their little feet kept running up and down the stairs and they were so excited to find the next clues. The treasure was colorful candy canes that were in the washing machine.

The kids took a break to have pizza and then we moved onto another game that I found on the internet. I knew the kids (boys especially) would love it. The kids broke into two teams and had a fixed amount of time to build a lego creation. When they were done they two teams were going to take turns trying to smash their opponents creations with balls. The kids worked well together in their groups....but the creations weren't very large.

As suspected, the kids had fun trying to destroy the lego creations (in the basement!). No one got hurt...and there were no tears....bonus.

We had cake and ice cream, did presents and then it was pretty much time to go! I made it through a home party and Luke had a great time with his buddies.

The only negative to the party was it happened to coincide with the older boy's first indoor soccer game so I had to beg one of my friends to stay and help. I didn't take a lot of pictures and none of my photographer mom/friends (ahem, Deb) wanted to stick around. But all in all......it was a fun party for my lego lover.


cggrlogan said...

What a good Mom you are! My kids would love a Lego party.


Deb Hanna said...

hey! you dissed me on your blog! :)