Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Looking Back (12/30 prompt)

December 30th found me a little daring. Rather than watch my kids play video games, watch tv and be couch potatoes (and claim they were bored), I decided to brave a trip to our local ski mountain with all of myself. Chris has been taking all them skiing for several seasons now. Chica learned last winter, but is still obviously a beginner. The biggest challenges of going alone.....all the gear and the two person chairlift for the 5 of us.

But we made it up there and after I got my season pass and rented skis, off we went to ski. Luckily, we ran into friends so that we found another chairlift partner. So Chica and I went up the lift together. I was a little nervous on the way up because getting off with Chica means picking her up and carrying her down the ramp while balancing yourself...and your poles. But we did it and I was inspired!

It was a gorgeous day! We had a handful of runs before Chica was tired and ready to go. And I was head was throbbing. It wasn't easy and it wasn't necessarily pretty. But I did it. I took my brood skiing by myself. And there's no looking back....


Deb Hanna said...

good for you! I can only imagine what a challenge you faced.

cggrlogan said...

That was a huge accomplishment. Good for you!