Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fairy Tale Ballet

A few weeks ago Chica started her very first dance class. A good friend was able to put together a class at a local dance studio called 'Fairy Tale Ballet'. When I told Chica about it she initially said she didn't want to do the class. I was able to convince her to try it.

We showed up at the class with a hand-me-down jazz leotard and borrowed ballet shoes. And Chica was wearing a masculine blue Carhartt sweatshirt handed down from her brothers. The ballerina wearing Carhartt....

Before she even started the class Chica decided she was going to take the class so that I could pay for the entire thing instead of just a one-time fee. I was excited that she was ready to commit!!

The class began and the moms all huddled around the doors trying to peak through the blinds and grab some pictures.

The girls learned some new ballet moves and then got to put on some princess dress-up for the last part of the class. Beyond cute...

Before we even left the building after class ended, Chica told me she didn't want to do the rest of the classes. Perfect, I thought, after having paid $90. But before we got to our next destination she said that she would take the classes "if I wanted her to". I thought this was an interesting response. Did I guilt her into it? Or did I do a good job convincing her it would get more interesting? I wasn't sure, but happy I didn't have to ask for the refund.

Before the next week's class I bought her a ballet outfit and tights. She didn't give me any trouble about going and seemed to have a good time.

The jury's still out on whether she truly likes it and wants to keep going with it. I think it'll be an easier and more clear-cut decision when she puts her cleats on for the first this spring!

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