Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February's Hunt

I stumbled across a new amateur photography section (called RAW) on Boston.com's site a couple of years ago....August 2008 to be exact. I was drawn toward a photo contest the site was having. The prize wasn't big but I thought it was a fun idea. So I entered....and didn't win. I've done almost all of the monthly contests since RAW started. I've made it to the top 50 a few times and one time to the top 10....but never won. I really enjoy the contests and trying to find a photo to fit the themes. And I really enjoy seeing all of the picture submissions.

For this past February's contest RAW announced something new and exciting.....a photo scavenger hunt. The contest involved finding 28 different items to photograph. The items focused around all things Febuary, Boston, Valentines, etc. This was going to be no small task, but I decided to go for it. The prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were $300, $200 and $100 gift certificates at Hunt's Photography. Any of those prizes could mean some new gear!!

So I trudged along all month in search of all the items on the list. I was so happy to have finished and uploaded all my pics by the deadline....February 28th. I can't imagine how they are going to judge this month's contest and I don't expect to hear for a while, but here are my submissions.

1. Analog clock showing the time as 8:08....the month and year that RAW started.

This was probably my most boring photo. But I was playing with different effects in Photoshop Elements and applied this cool Plastic Wrap effect. I thought it was kind of cool!

2. Barber pole

Thankfully there is a cute little barber shop in the center of town so I didn't have to search too hard for this one.

3. Beetles LP album

I had to call upon my next door neighbors for this one. I wasn't surprised to find that they had a few different Beetles LP's. I found this item hard to photograph creatively.

4. Birds (more than one) at a bird feeder

I had to sneak outside and catch the birds by surprise with my zoom lens in order to grab a picture of them at the feeder. I played with some actions and applied a vintage frame from The Coffeeshop Blog.

5. Boston Terrier

I know where a Boston Terrier lives not to far from my house. On the way home from taking Chica to school I drove by and saw the owner outside. I pulled right over and asked if I could take his dog's picture. Her name is Catherine. This was the first item I photographed for the contest.

6. Bubbles in a glass of liquid

I had Becky's post in mind when I thought about this item. I realized quickly that I didn't have the gear to come close to her result, but I was happy with the result I got for the contest.

7. Calendar showing the month of February

It didn't have to be a paper calendar and I love my hot pink I-phone cover. 'Nuf said.

8. Champagne glasses

Those champagne flutes my mom bought me for my wedding came in handy for this item. I was pleasantly surprised at the result of this photo. The strawberries added something and I used a couple of Kim Klassen's textures.

9. Child's doll

Thanks to my Chica, there is no shortage of dolls in the house. As you'll see, I used my little girl in a few of the photos.

10. Dog-eared paperback

I learned that dog-eared can mean shabby and worn (versus a corner folded over). This was the shabbiest paperback I could find. The boys all love the Book of Lists. I used a new fabric texture I found on the Coffeeshop Blog.

11. Fire Hydrant

I didn't have to go too far to find a hydrant. There is a shiny newer one right across the street from my house.

12. Red SUV

This was my last photo. Thanks to Becky for obliging to let me follow her and for hitting some puddles along the way!

13. House with the street number 28.

I stumbled across a pretty house not too far away with a cool tree in the front. I decided to use some of my new Elements tricks and leave color only on the pretty wreath on the front door.

14. Icicle

There were SO many icicles this winter. I didn't take any pictures until they were pretty much all gone! But I looked out the bathroom window on our second floor and saw some pretty ones. I was determined to catch a melting drip in the picture so it took me a little while. I was thankful for the sun and beautiful blue sky that day.

15. Sledding

I was determined to get my sledding picture during our winter break last week at Camp Jewell (blog post to come). I love this one of Luke and Parker that shows the smiling faces and the air!

16. Monopoly silver shoe piece sitting on Vermont Avenue

Again....the neighbors hooked me up with the original Monopoly. My Disney and Spongebob versions weren't going to cut it. RAW agreed to allow gold shoes...which were part of the anniversary edition.

17. Museum sign

I stayed local. I was surprised at how much I liked the contrast of the sign with the barren trees.

18. Old stone wall

In the beginning of the month most of the stone walls were covered in snow. Thankfully some warm days helped showcase the many beautiful stone walls around town. This particular stone wall is at my sis-in-laws.

19. Paintbrush

At the end of the day in the crafts room at Camp Jewell I was trying to help clean up a little and when I brought some dirty paint supplies to the sink I saw this cool sight. So beautifully unplanned.

20. Piece of candy shaped like a heart

A picture somewhere inspired me here. I bought some red velvet cupcakes for the kids but used them as a prop beforehand.

21. Rocking chair

Admittedly, this is one of my favs. A little brown-noseish with the Boston Globe in there....but I showed up to play! Chica was such a trooper posing as I asked her. Love her leopard print jammies.

22. Roll of film

So thankful to find a roll of film in my old camera that has been living in the basement.

23. Snowpile larger than an adult with an adult in the picture for perspective

My friend Lisa's husband snowplows a huge pile of snow for the kids every year in their backyard. I visited Lisa one morning and couldn't believe the size of the pile. She was awesome and agreed to help me with this shot. We coaxed Buddy to the top of the pile with some pieces of ham.

24. Steaming pot of soup

I tried twice for this shot. The second time around worked much better when I utilized my black cooktop as a background.

25. Traffic light after dark, red light facing you, green light facing left or right

We only have a handful of street lights in our town. This particular intersection worked well. Had to play with manual mode to get the right shot!

26. Uniformed police officer

I called upon a long-time friend who I haven't seen in way too long. He was such a 'trooper' . He was home with strep throat and trying to pack to leave on a family vacation to FL that night. He suited up and posed for me. I think he looks so handsome!

27. Vanity license plate

I couldn't resist capturing this shot as we were leaving our local ski mountain. I loved the way you can see the ski trails in the background. I actually took the photo with my Iphone but doctored it up with Pioneer Woman actions.

28. White steepled church

After clarification that the entire church had to be white and not just the steeple, I found this cute church in the next town. I drove by to check it out after being at the post office down the road. The sun was at a perfect position for a sunburst. It's not a neat and pretty sunburst, but it worked well enough for me!

So those were the entries. I don't supposed we'll hear for a few weeks on the results. It was a big effort, so anyone who doesn't win will be bumbed. But as always, it was a learning experience.
Crossing my fingers!


cggrlogan said...

Wow, that was a lot of work and you did a great job! The shot with Chica and the newspaper is perfect. Fingers crossed for you!


Paula said...

You most definitely better win! That was great.

michelled said...

Paula - thank you! Jamie played too!

Deb said...

Well Done you! that is awesome- loved them all.

P said...

Love your new lay-out!
Gorgeous pictures too!