Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our luck just may be changing.....

I'm playing a little catch up with this post. Back in January we took Jack and Ben to see the Cake Boss. Back in November we scored 4 tickets to see Buddy and gave them to the big boys for Christmas. Jack in particular is a huge Cake Boss fan, so I knew he would be excited. The bonus was that Ben was equally excited. We were going to make a fun evening of it!

We went out to dinner and then headed to the show. Our seats were on the floor, maybe 15 or so rows from the stage. And on the aisle.....that was key. We had some friends that were sitting in the first row and even in the 4th row on the aisle. And these friends 'know people', if you know what I mean. There were lots of people hoping to get on stage with Buddy.

As Buddy entered the room he came down the aisle where we were sitting. Ben said he got to touch his arm!

The show began and Buddy spoke about his life and how the Cake Boss came to be. He is an incredibly motivating speaker and his story is so interesting. He would take breaks during his talk and pick people come to the stage to compete in a cupcake decorating contest. Jack popped right out of his seat at the chance to get on stage. First he chose men, then women and then

When he was choosing the kids, Jack ran down the aisle and flailed his arms in front of the stage. He was not going down without a fight.

And the next thing I know, he is walking on the stage. He had been chosen by Buddy!

Buddy did a demonstration of the cupcake the kids were to copy. It involved 3 different pastry bags with different tips. Jack was right next to Buddy as he did his demo. He was also the first kid to decorate the cupcake. I watched in amazement as he stepped in an decorated that cupcake with confidence. He did a great job and even impressed Buddy. In fact, Buddy even asked him if wanted a weekend job!!

All the kids who participated received a Carlos Bakery t-shirt and also got to take their cupcakes. Jack came back to his seat glowing and immediately began eating his cupcake.

He saved a little for Ben so he could have a taste.

The show was great and on the way to the car the kids spotted Buddy's truck and stopped for a picture.

What an exciting night!! And how lucky for Jack to meet one of his idols!!

I had some luck of my own recently. A long-time, die-hard fan of The Pioneer Woman, I have been submitting photos to her photo assignments on-line in hopes I would catch her eye (and her prize money rocks!). There are thousands of amazing photographers submitting photos to her assignments and I never expect to be chosen.

In February she announced an assigment theme of LOVE. I remembered a picture I had taken during my Picture the Holidays class of Buddy gazing at a dog treat that was shaped like a heart. I submitted the photo and the next morning while scrolling through the her Day 1 Finalists, I about died when I saw Buddy's face. Finally!!!

On the whole, we aren't a lucky bunch in my house. But with the Cake Boss opportunity and Pioneer Woman's acknowledgement, I'm thinking our luck just may be changin!


Deb Hanna said...

um, what's up Ben's nose?

michelled said...

LOL Deb. I was hoping nobody would notice! It was from a red eye fix. I need to change it!