Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pinewood Derby!

A few months back Luke excitedly joined the Cub Scouts. His Dad was a boy scout and has been telling them about all of the cool things that the scouts get to do. So Luke signed up and he and dad have been bonding at all of the scout activities. He has already earned his first badge and had a sleepover at the Boston Science Museum!

This past weekend was their first Pinewood Derby. Luke designed a car on paper and he and dad used wood shop tools to cut out the car to match the plan design. From then Luke sanded the car and painted it all by himself. He was ready to go race last Saturday morning!

I've never seen a Pinewood Derby so I had no idea what to expect. The track was cool and even had an electronic system for identifying the heat winners.

Luke's car is the blue one with the smiley face and bubble eyes!

Luke was pretty excited for the race. They had to wait for all of the racers to arrive. He spent that time inspecting the track...

and intrigued by the table where they weigh the cars and are able to apply more weight if allowed.

He was happy to have me there snapping pictures and happy his Grandma came to watch, too!

Chica was excited to watch and hung out with her little buddy from school whose brother was also a racing scout.

More waiting...

And we really had no idea how his car was going to do. After a demo, the races began.

And the results:

Heat one: second place!

Heat two: third place!

Heat three: first place!

For his age group, Luke ended up in 2nd place was thrilled to get a little trophy.

It was a successful Pinewood Derby for Luke and his troop!

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