Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Season for Skiing

I was determined to get this skiing post done before every bit of snow has melted from our yard. It's really starting to feel like spring out there, thankfully! After a winter of several feet of snow, it's a nice change to put away the snow shovels and buckets of salt.

Despite the nuisance of snow days, shoveling and leaking ice dams for many around these parts, it was a great year for skiing at our local mountain. I don't think the mountain had to make any snow this winter, so that must have helped with costs.

I first ventured up with the kids by myself one day in late December. The kids were on break from school and we were hanging around doing nothing. I dragged everyone up to the mountain for a couple hours of skiing. It was a little stressful getting everyone and everything up there, but once we were there and heading up the lift I was glad we did it. This was the first full season we would be skiing as a family. And the first season that I could take the kids solo.

Chica wasn't that willing to pose with me on our ride up.

What a glorious day!

Our shadow heading up the lift.

We didn't ski too long and I did end up with a nice big headache for the ride home, but I was still glad that I made it up by myself !

The snow started dumping in January and the skiing really picked up. There was one afternoon where I came up but just didn't want to rent skis again for a couple of hours, so I took photos instead. Chica came a long way this winter. She absolutely loves to be outside and never said 'no' to skiing. And she was usually the last one out on the slopes.

It was a mixed winter for Luke. He mostly skied, but did snowboard a couple of times. He had the least interest of all the kids in heading up to the mountain. But I noticed that he did enjoy the days he got to hang-out more with Ben. Those two have been having a lot of fun together being goofy and laughing.

Chica skied in her first two races ever! The Slush Puppy race was late January while Dad was out west skiing. There was no question in Chica's mind about doing this race. She and Regan were ready to give racing a try.

I was taking video of the race and not taking photographs. But Chica came down that hill at a good pace and in complete control, making it around each and every gate. She was one happy girl after it was over. And so proud of herself!

We waited patiently in the lodge to wait for the results of the race.

We missed the announcement because the lady was speaking so softly, but found out later that Chica was the youngest racer at the mountain and won herself a trophy. And she received her Slush Puppy too! She was giving me the hardest time about having her picture taken with her trophy. This was the best I could get.

There are no photographs of Jack and Ben skiing except for this candid of them having a snack and a rest with some friends. They skied quite a bit with their buddies and had a great time overall.

What a great winter of skiing for the family. It was such a nice break in between fall and spring sports for some outdoor fun and family time. And this winter I purchased my first ever set of skis (and also a new ski jacket and pants!!).

Yesterday our ski mountain closed for the season....and tomorrow is the first day of spring. After a great winter, I'm ready to move on to the beauty of spring and lots of baseball!

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cggrlogan said...

I never got the kids on skis this winter and feel pretty bad about it. Good for you for taking all 4 by yourself!