Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Was Fun While It Lasted

A few weeks back Chica and her friends finished their Fairy Tale Ballet dance classes and were set to put on a little performance for the parents, grandparents and/or friends. Overall, Chica enjoyed the time with her friends during ballet. But it became apparent toward the end of the classes that she was losing interest. The week before the last class she flat out refused to partake in class. Instead, she happily sat out in the waiting room with the moms and enjoyed a snack.

I told her that she needed to finish the last class with her teacher and friends. There wasn't really an option. And she was okay with that. During the last class the attendees and I waited patiently to be invited into the room to watch the 'show'.

The girls lined up and waited to be called over to perform. Chica told me later that she was scared. My girl has the same performance anxiety as her mom. She definitely doesn't like to be up in front of a crowd.

When the girls began to dance Chica put on the silliest faces, clearly showing her nervousness.

But then she settled in and did a great job demonstrating what she had learned.

At one point the girls got to do whatever dance they wanted. The danced around holding hands, laughing and smiling. The faces I captured clearly prove that the dance was not a waste of time and money.

The finale of the show involves the girls (princesses) leaving one of their ballet slippers and the teacher (the prince) chooses one of the slippers. The girls wait anxiously to see if their slipper is selected.

The show is over and the dancers bow to the audience.

So proud of my baby girl for trying something different and finishing it with a good attitude. I'm not really sure if and when she will want to dance again. But that's okay.....I've captured the memories. She can't say I never signed her up for dance!

Now on to some soccer!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joining the Ranks

This past February Chica and her Daddy went to their first Father/Daughter dance. This was all thanks to our special friend (Aunty Karen) who reminded us of the dance, acquired the tickets and corsage on our behalf and also handed down the beautiful dress for Chica to wear.

This dance is a big event in town. I think just about every father and daughter in town (under the age of 12) attends. Chica was super excited about her date with Daddy.

Here she is showing off her pretty corsage.

And here is the sweet couple. I could write a whole blog about these two and their relationship. It's pretty special.

So as they tell me, each father and daughter had their picture taken together and the daughters decorated the picture holders. Chica chose to draw a picture of her family.

And then the dancing began!!

I guess Chica showed off her skills learned in the Just Dance Wii game and cut some rug to Cotton Eyed Joe.

There was lots of dancing and some snacks. And definitely a lot of friends to dance with! Chica's two best buds were there with their Dads and they had lots of fun together.

Las Tres Amigas!

The dancers came home happy and tired....and ready to go again next year!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Editing with Textures!

Over the last couple of months I've learned lots of new tricks in Photoshop Elements. I took Kim Klassen's Essentials E-Course and expanded my knowledge of Elements quite a bit. Playing with textures is so fun and can result in such a different look to your photos. The challenge for me is that there are SO many textures out there and it takes a lot of time to figure out which textures work for your photos. The possibilities are endless!!!

I've also enjoyed submitting photos to Pioneer Woman's assignments and to a website that Becky turned me on to, Mortal Muses. At Mortal Muses there are weekly themes and the nine women muses from the site share a photo of theirs and pick a companion photo from the Flickr group submissions.

Recently the Mortal Muses' theme was Doors and Windows. I remembered back to a photo I had taken of Chica sitting atop our couch looking out the window. I believe I originally took this photo for another photo challenge for Boston.com, but I can't remember which one! Regardless, one of the muses selected my photo and it was featured on the site one day. I was very surprised and excited! (See post here).

I just wanted to share my original photo and the how I edited it in Elements using textures.

Original - unedited


Another recent theme at Mortal Muses was transportation. I submitted a photo taken at our friends' lake house in NH of the boys on a kayak adventure by my favorite red boat house. Here are the original and edited versions.

Pioneer Woman recently had a photo assignment of Horses. I probably had no right entering that contest because the pictures were out of this world. But I did enter a couple photos for fun after playing with textures. I was pleased with the the way they came out.

This is an unedited photo of my sister-in-law's horse, Shaboobie.

Edited with textures.

I photographed another special horse in our house for the contest. His name is Horsey and he belongs to my oldest son. He was given to Jack by our friend's parents when he was born. This bright red Mary Meyer horse was the softest and most plush little guy when we put him in Jack's crib when he was born. Jack attached himself to Horsey from the beginning and they are still sleeping buddies to this day. After 11 years, Horsey is kept together by threads in some areas. You can see the stuffing in his body where the material has worn away. So very loved!

Original photo.


So much to learn....so little time. But textures can be really fun to play with!