Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joining the Ranks

This past February Chica and her Daddy went to their first Father/Daughter dance. This was all thanks to our special friend (Aunty Karen) who reminded us of the dance, acquired the tickets and corsage on our behalf and also handed down the beautiful dress for Chica to wear.

This dance is a big event in town. I think just about every father and daughter in town (under the age of 12) attends. Chica was super excited about her date with Daddy.

Here she is showing off her pretty corsage.

And here is the sweet couple. I could write a whole blog about these two and their relationship. It's pretty special.

So as they tell me, each father and daughter had their picture taken together and the daughters decorated the picture holders. Chica chose to draw a picture of her family.

And then the dancing began!!

I guess Chica showed off her skills learned in the Just Dance Wii game and cut some rug to Cotton Eyed Joe.

There was lots of dancing and some snacks. And definitely a lot of friends to dance with! Chica's two best buds were there with their Dads and they had lots of fun together.

Las Tres Amigas!

The dancers came home happy and tired....and ready to go again next year!

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Dyche Designs said...

That's the cutest thing, love that they have a dad's and daughters dance.