Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Year One is Done!

It's that time of year again when the activities are crazy and the blog posts are spotty. We've kicked into baseball mode and it seems like all other activities have ramped up - birthday parties, school open houses, concerts, etc. I've definitely been taking pictures, but not finding lots of time to edit and post to the blog!

One thing I'm very excited to share is a recent accomplishment of mine. A few years back I started this blog. The biggest reason for keeping the blog was that I knew I could download and print the blog with the software from a website called Blurb.com. I always wanted to keep a journal of memories (that I knew I'd forget!) but never got anywhere with that. Keeping and printing a blog was the perfect answer for me.

So I finally got around to downloading the first year of my blog into the Blurb software. Unfortunately, what I quickly learned from lots of yellow triangle resolution warnings was that the process of uploading to the web left me with pictures that are not at high enough resolution to have them much bigger than a wallet size. Since the blog book was my version of a scrapbook/photo album keepsake, I decided to retrieve all of the original picture files so I could print them nice and big. Since the blog book is mostly in chronological order, it wasn't as much of a heartache as I thought it would be. What WAS a little big of heartache was formatting all of the pages for the words and the pictures. I wasn't able to use any of the Blurb templates...and the Blurb software dumped all of the blog posts into the same exact template...and put each picture on a separate page. The first year blog originally dowloaded into multiple hundred pages. My final printed book was 180 pages in 12X12 size.

But I was determined to get this done and knew the end result would be worth it. I wish I had logged the amount of time it took but I chipped away at it a little at a time and didn't keep track. I kept the book simple, with all page backgrounds in black and font in white. By the end I was happy to have it done and went embarrassingly boring on the cover. But it is done and printed and here is my Chica showing it off!

The book is made really well and the binding is great quality.

And I'm overall very pleased with the quality of the pictures. The kids had fun flipping through the book and revisiting old memories.

I'm very excited about the book, especially since I hadn't printed and filed any pictures into albums in years. And that first year of my blog I also did some Way Back Wednesday posts which brought in some old pictures of Chris and me. There is a great mix of photo and written memories.

I'm ready to move onto Year 2...and see about trying some different colors and formats. Blurb is an excellent software for allowing you to do anything you want with a photobook!

Side note: The printed book was about $115 total. For me this was well worth the price given the hundreds of pictures included and bound in hardcover book!

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Deb Hanna said...

well done! I need to get on my blurb books too.