Friday, July 22, 2011

Picture Color

A couple of months ago I signed up for a class called Picture Color which involved photographic prompts each day for the month of June. I had taken a Picture the Holidays class last winter and had a fun time meeting the daily prompt challenges, 'meeting' the other class participants and giving and receiving feedback on photos. I was very excited for the class and had convinced a couple of my friends to join me. As an added bonus, I won the class free from a blog giveaway!!

The class began on June first with a prompt of Blissed Out on Color. I had taken some photos of baby robins under our pool deck and edited the photo to enhance my color of bliss - yellow. For me both babies and animals are also blissful, so I was very happy about Day 1.

Then the tornado hit. The tornado left my neighborhood looking like a war zone, my yard void of trees and me with very little energy or inspiration to take photos for my Picture Color class. After we got back power and internet I did end up posting photos for a total of 11/30 prompts. I'm finally getting around to sharing those photos.

Ionic Color - this was my only cell phone photo submitted, but I thought it met the prompt perfectly. My Chica enjoyed this Icee on one of our pizza lunches grocery shopping.

Changing of the Guard - Boy was I happy to see that my hydrangea bush had lots of blossoms this spring. There have been years where I haven't had one. Another bonus is that the bush wasn't damaged or destroyed by the tornado.

The Color of Comfort - I opted to photograph the beautiful hanging plant that I treated myself to this year. I love the shades of pink and the white.

Color Me Yummy - Cupcakes made for Chica's birthday celebration at school...

Punctuation Mark - This prompt called for color that you can't miss. Amidst the mess of the tornado where there was nothing pretty to look at in my yard, I found this peony blossom from a plant I had transplanted last year.

The Texture of Color - Chica's new box of chalk inspired me for this prompt.

Seeing Spots - I would have loved nothing more than to photograph a cute polka dot dress or hat, but I opted to photograph the dots of clover that were covering the baseball field at my boys' game.

Playful Pause - I knew this prompt was meant to be when I went to turn on the pool filter and saw this guy floating on one of the kids' toys in the pool. I thought it had great color!

Nothing But Blue Skies - This might have been my favorite picture. I was going for Chica's blue eyes with her fuzzy new fleece jacket. She entertained me with a photoshoot on the driveway and I just love her expression, dimple and wispy hair peeking out of the hood.

Heavy Metal - I took the kids strawberry picking for the first time one afternoon. The prompt feel into place soon thereafter.

That's all I came up with for Picture Color. As the tornado clean-up continues, I'm hoping to get more inspiration back!


Paula said...

How funny, I'm sitting at my computer making a pdf of all the photos I took during this class. It would have been much quicker if I missed more days! LOL. I still think you need to submit that baby bird photo to some contests. It's incredible!!!! Great job on all of them and thanks for inviting me to join you in this fun project.

Heather said...

These are great pictures! I think what I like the most is how you interpreted the assignments and used every day items. Loved it!