Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beans and Willis

This past Easter Sunday we arrived at Nini's house for dinner to find she and her husband and boys watching the birth of two Nigerian Dwarf goats over the internet. Nini had been wanting a goat to keep her lame horse company in the barn and had found a local breeder who had an upcoming litter. Two goats were born on that holy day and Nini found out soon thereafter the babies were both males and available for purchase. Beans (short for 'Jelly Beans') and Willis (from the 'ole show Different Strokes) came home just 5 days later...and we were there when they arrived.

These baby goats rank up there as some of the cutest babies I'd ever seen. They came right in the house and met their new family....dogs and all.

A couple days later I brought the zoom lens over on a beautiful sunny day to capture these cuties running around and jumping in the air.

We were so excited to meet the babies and have a chance to feed them bottles and hold them. They have come to love human companionship.

And Beans and Willis fit right in with all of the dogs!

The kids just love visiting and having the goats climb up in their laps and chew on their clothing.

Two little playmates for Chica!

They certainly have been fun additions to the family!

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Love, love, love