Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cherished Memories

Spring and summer are hard enough times to blog without unanticipated weather issues! I'm backlogged with blog posts of events too important to exclude and I want to try and keep things in the stories are a bit outdated.

Chica finished up her last year of pre-school in June. In May her school had my favorite annual event...the Mother's Day celebration! Her two teachers (themselves mothers!) do an awesome job pulling together a special event for Mother's Day. This year the moms came in for a little show followed by a special luncheon made by the children. The show involved the kids singing some songs for us moms and then escorting us to our lunch tables. Chica was very confident and comfortable performing the songs.

The kids gave the moms special corsages and then seated us at a table where we had a special place mat made from drawings of the moms by the kids. Chica did a great job putting me together...and gave me a big smile and very long fingers!

The menu was decorated on the outside by the kids and the inside showed the handmade goodies. The meals are always tied together by a theme...this years was a "Beary Menu'.

The kids were the waiters and waitresses and brought the moms our food and drink. Is this not the cutest plate of food ever? The bear cut out of bologna covered by blanket of bread. I hadn't had bologna in years. It tasted pretty darned good!

The dessert was super yummy!!

Like every other year, the moms were treated like royalty by the kids! After nine straight years, this is the annual event I will miss the most. No question!!

About a month after that it came time for Chica's graduation...the last preschool graduation for my children...and the last graduation for the loving preschool that they all attended. The school will not reopen in the fall.

Just a week prior to the graduation we had been hit by the tornado. That same evening as the graduation a thunderstorm swept through the area and we lost power again. The kids and we were on edge...not sure whether we were going to be having the graduation...whether the school we were having it at had power. We decided to head over to the school just in case. Luckily the school had power and the graduation ceremony was on.

The preschool I have been taking my kids to the past nine years is owned and run by a remarkable woman who has an incredible talent for teaching and molding preschool children.

She introduced each of the kids and they came out, waved and then introduced themselves to the crowd. There didn't appear to be any discomfort with the crowd by Chica...

After the kids all introduce themselves they sing a series of songs with handmade props. The whole show is so adorable.

After the performances and before the actual graduation ceremony, our special teacher invites her old alum....brothers and sisters of the soon-to-be come up on stage and say hello. Up went my first three to say a final hello up on stage.

Then my baby girl proudly received her preschool diploma. It was the end of a long, special era.

Hugs and pictures with her brothers and off we went to have snacks and drinks and say some goodbyes.

As sad as it was to be the last graduation, there were very few tears shed. It was a wonderful last graduation show...a wonderful way to end it.

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