Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chatham, Part Deux

Back in August I took the kids to Cape Cod for a few days. I asked my Aunt to go with us since Chris wasn't able to go.  She is so good with the kids and they have a blast with her. Plus, she loves the beach so I was hoping it would be a special time for her. The weather forecast originally wasn't looking so great for our time away so we got on the road a little earlier than we had planned. Thankfully the weather patterns shifted and we ended up with three gorgeous days at the beach....days where we didn't want to leave (but had to eventually since the dogs were waiting for us back at the house!).  I wasn't planning on taking my good camera to the beach but I couldn't resist since it was so beautiful at the beach. And we met up with some special friends from town and I wanted to try and capture some photos with them. 

Nauset Beach was beautiful and low tide allowed the kids to play in the waves, ride the waves and skim board for hours. The surf was a little rough at times and the older boys got a taste of its strength.  I was happy when they took it upon themselves to come out together when they became unsure and a little nervous. Chica was amazing in the waves and quickly learned how to time her rides in just right.  I was amazed watching her 40 pound little self battle the waves as she walked out to catch bigger ones.  She got tossed around a few times...but that never stopped her.  It was Luke's first time playing in the big waves too. He loved it!

Our few days in Chatham left many memories that I hope the kids will always remember: time spent with Auntie Moe and her wonderful back and foot massages, endless hours playing at Nauset Beach, spending time with the Hills, Dowdings, Diefs and Garveys, dinner at The Squire (the beginning of Ben's Cape Cod fish-n-chips tradition), Candy Manor, our trip to see the seals on Lighthouse Point....


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