Friday, September 16, 2011

Independence Day Fun!

We once again struck gold with an invitation to visit some of our most favorite people over July 4th. How neat for my best friend from Kindergarten and I to have remained best friends (many miles in between) and to get together with our families....and to serve as Godparents for each others' children??!! I'm truly blessed.

We packed up and headed to Cape Cod for some Independence Day fun! The annual parade in Chatham is our first stop. The chairs and towels were set down in advance early in the morning before the kids awoke. We packed up the wagon with our day-at-the-beach gear, put on our red, white and blue and began our walk to the parade.

I love the walk through the quaint streets of Chatham, admiring the abundance of hydrangea and other beautiful flowering bushes and soaking in the spirit of the holiday!

I tried to get a shot of the kids before the parade came through. Some were more cooperative than others.

The parade did not disappoint. It is pure Americana......

My handsome godson marched in parade thanks to his role as bat boy for the Chatham Anglers!

After the parade the kids gathered up their goodies and we walked down Main Street to our post-parade destination....Oyster Pond. While the kids are at the ages now where they would rather be playing in the waves at Nauset Beach, they don't seem to mind an occasional trip to Oyster Pond for some critter catching, swims to the dock and games of Marco Polo.

The kids waited patiently all day long for the ice cream truck to come so we could take our annual picture. A wide-angle lens would have made it a little easier to capture everyone. Everyone in this picture with dark skin is NOT my child. :)

And one last shot of three of the nicest kids we know!

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