Sunday, September 4, 2011

Round 2

As if it wasn't enough having an F3 tornado roll through the neighborhood in June, almost two months later another nasty storm came through and further damaged our small town. I had no idea we were even going to get bad weather until I heard a weather alert while sitting in the dentist's office with Jack during his teeth extraction. I was having a chat with the dentist when I heard the beeping on the radio above my head and tried to focus in on what words followed the beep. "Severe weather alert with heavy rain and damaging wind". Those nine words are now my nightmare. As I looked out the window at the cloudless blue skies, I thought it must be either a test or a joke.

Jack had his four teeth removed without a hitch and we headed home. I confirmed that we were indeed having some impending weather. I checked the radar and did see a nasty band, but thought it might blow northeast of us. The weather report indicated we were in the path and the blue skies quickly began to darken. I spoke with a good friend whose dad called to say there was a chance for a tornado. I grew depressed.....worrying about having to break it to my kids that a bad storm was coming, seeing their worried faces and having to answer their questions. We had already convinced them that we would never have another tornado in their lifetimes. Thankfully, though, I wasn't worried for our safety. There aren't any more trees to hurt us.

And before I knew it the storm began, the winds blew, the rain came sideways and the power went out. We watched from the basement as the wind blew the trees deep in the back woods sideways. Water seeped down the walls of the basement where I'd never seen it seep before....driven by the sheer force of the wind.

After the storm passed we went outside to see what the storm had left. Very flooded streets and one of the few remaining trees left on the circle had fallen and taken down the power lines...again. Everything from the pool deck, including the rod iron chaise lounge, blew in the pool. I was happy when it was over so the kids knew that they were safe. We met neighbors outside in our driveway and on the street as they helped clean the blocked storm drain. We were all in disbelief...but happy to be safe.

Street flooding after microburst

Clearing the pool

As it turns out, a microburst had hit our town. I'm not sure if we would have had more damage if we had some remaining trees. The worst damage from the microburst was less than a mile away....right near the center of town. The neighborhood of some of our good friends was badly damaged....and there were trees down all over town. Thankfully, we had our generator. We were without power for another 2 and a half days.

After the tornado Chris bought a beautiful new lantern and also a battery powered radio. That night of the microburst Chica had the lantern in her room quietly getting ready for bed time. I walked by her room and saw the potential for a great silhouette photo so I grabbed my camera. I was pretty happy with the results...almost made the power loss worth it!

Hoping it will be a long while before we have the severe weather warning again!!

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