Monday, October 3, 2011

The Brits

When I signed Luke up for British Soccer this past summer I came across the box on the application where you check off if you want to host one of the coaches.  Our friends had done this in the past and really enjoyed it.  The outside of our house was certainly in no shape for visitors back in August (ala tornado), but the inside was fine and I knew I could comfortably host a coach. So I checked off "Maybe".  If they were desperate, I thought, I could rise to the occasion and host a coach. I knew it would be an experience we would never forget. 

Well then the microburst hit on July 27th, just days before the British Soccer Camp was supposed to start.  We lost power for a couple more days and the town was wrecked again from tree damage.  I had an unfamiliar call on my cell phone which turned out to be the British Soccer Camp coordinator looking for a host family for a coach. I had been the only one to express any interest in hosting.  I told the coordinator what we had been through with the tornado and the microburst and said we could probably host one coach, and possibly two if they were desperate (and the coaches were the same gender). 

A few days later I learned that I was indeed going to host two male coaches. I received their bios and before long I was driving to meet our new friends....Joe and Scott.

We met up with the coaches on the Sunday night before camp was to start.  The coaches were going to stay in Luke and Ben's room.  Ben was away on the Cape with his buddy Sam and Luke would sleep in our room. I didn't quite know what to expect. Did I need to have dinner for them for Sunday night? Would the coaches be scared when they saw our treeless street and wrecked yard?

We were happy to meet our new British friends. Joe, 22, was outgoing and friendly with a good sense of humor. Scott, 21, was tall, quieter and intriguing with some funky ear piercings.  Both were easy going, great guests and definitely passionate about soccer!

The coaches left for camp early in the morning and returned for dinner.  As host, I packed them lunches, drinks and snacks every day and also provided breakfast and dinner.  I certainly had to be on my game with planning meals and I found myself at the grocery store every day!  The coaches were pretty tired when they got home at night. They would shower, come down for dinner, have a little play time with the kids and then retire to bed.  The kids bugged Scott to play some video games with of his favorite past times back at home.  The kids also dragged the coaches for a swim in the pool a couple times.

At the end of the week at camp the kids all had the "World Cup" finals. The kids were broken into teams and played little games during the week.  The parents were invited to come and watch so I took that opportunity to snap some photos of our new friends.

Coach Joe 

Coach Demi - she was so sweet and ended up staying with our friends.

Coach Scott

Luke had an absolute blast at camp and loved having the coaches stay at the house.

This was Scott's attempt at imitating Prince Charles.

The kids all came up to receive their evaluations and high fives from the coaches.

The whole crew posed together

The morning after camp ended the coaches all took off for Boston for the day before they went onto their next adventures.  We had to wake the kids up early to say goodbye to the coaches and get a picture. 
Amy is going to miss her buddy, Scott, but hopefully we will keep in touch with the coaches and meet up again some day!

It was some work hosting the coaches....feeding them their meals and keeping up with their laundry. But it was WELL worth it because it is an experience the kids and I will never forget!!

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