Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've really come to realize that it's the small things in life that make you happy.  Today was the first day in several that I awoke to what I knew was going to be a sunny day.  When I went to wake up Chica for school I noticed the beautiful view from her bedroom window.  Well, even though the view in the back of the house is toppled trees and the ongoing reminder of the tornado, the sun coming through the trees and the beautiful sky and clouds made up for it.  I needed sunshine!!

The day got even better when I finally made a call to a local central vacuum company about the lack of suction on our second floor. A friendly man told me to plug the hose in and then cover the other end with my hand until the pressure stopped. I did this a few times and then let the hose run while I ran down stairs for a second.  Then suddenly I heard a strange loud banging noise followed by the sound of a strong suction from the hose upstairs. I knew whatever was clogging the line had dislodged and ran to the basement to see what ended up in the canister.  It was a Bob the Builder toothbrush that had caused my vacuuming issues!

So happy for the little things today!

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