Friday, January 13, 2012

The Big Send-off

There have been a lot of big events in 2011.  And another biggie was added to that list when it was time for school to start.  Not only was my oldest heading off on the early bus to the Middle School, but my youngest was getting on the bus for the first time to start Kindergarten.  Surprisingly, the jump to Middle School had more of an emotional impact on me than my baby heading off for full-day school.  I had to casually sneak a picture of my biggest boy when he was standing out waiting for the bus. No more posing for that first day of school picture. :(

Chica wasn't starting the same day as her big brothers.  And she decided not to come out to and say goodbye to the boys and take a picture that day. Thankfully the boys agreed to give me an individual pose. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get hair cuts in before the first day.

Coincidentally,  Chica had school orientation that same day. She and I went to school together, took a ride on the big bus, spent some time in the classroom and then went home. She was very excited about the whole thing!

Then....finally....the big day!! No fancy first day of school outfit for my big girl.  Our special friend Li came over to do Chica's hair.  Li brought some pretty clips and gave her a 'princess' doo.  This girl was r-e-a-d-y to go to school. Her only concern had been about riding the bus that didn't have seatbelts....but I think those concerns ended when we took our practice bus ride on orientation day.

 Some last hugs for Buddy.....

And off they went.....

The day went by quickly. I can't exactly remember what I did on my first day home alone....except make sure that Chris was out of the house....because I really needed to be alone.  That sounds incredibly selfish, but I needed time to regroup and organize.

Jack was off the bus just after 2 and we waited for Chica's bus.  I was excited to see how the first day went! Jack came out to greet her and give her a big hug....and then a little big brother teasing.

And clearly the clips did not hold the princess doo in place.  But doesn't this look like a girl who had a great  first day of school??

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