Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cuteness Overload

Chica's second season of soccer seemed to fly by.  The kids were still on the younger side of U-6 it seemed, but there were a couple games that were actually competitive.  I wasn't able to go to the very first game which they tell me the kids won, but I was there at the late season Friday evening game when Chica scored her very first goal. I have nothing to document that special moment since it was nearly dark and she was on the opposite side of the field from where I was sitting.  There was a little scuffle in front of the goal and Chica got in there and took care of business.  When she scored she stopped and looked right back at me with a big grin.... almost like she had surprised herself.  Stinkin' cute.

Chica played goalie quite a bit.  She was definitely not afraid to play that position and made some pretty great saves.  I loved watching her when she would get the ball and quickly run out and look for a teammate to throw to.  Playing out in the field she stayed focused and when she got the ball she dribbled right along.  Her challenge is getting the confidence to stand up to the bigger, faster and more aggressive opponents. But that will come with time!

She loved her team and her coaches and had an overall great time playing. Unfortunately her season got cut short by the freak October snowstorm. But she is ready for spring to come so she can get back out there!

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