Friday, January 13, 2012

Partridge Lake 2011 favorite place to take photographs! Every year I feel like some of my best photos come out of our trip to New Hampshire. I was all excited this year to bring the new lens I treated myself to with my winnings from The Pioneer Woman contest. Although it only covered a small portion of the new 24-70 lens, I decided it was finally time to invest in some near gear!

What a beautiful few days we had in New Hampshire! Originally the forecast was only looking good for one day, but we were blessed with five beautiful days which allowed for much tubing, playing, canoeing, exploring, relaxing....and photo taking. 

Tubing was the big hit this year. My kids have always been a little nervous of the rough tubing rides and getting thrown off the tube.  That ended pretty quickly when they observed our friend's oldest son thoroughly enjoying himself getting wrecked on a tubing ride.  After that.....the (bigger) kids were asking for faster and rougher! I have never seen more laughter and bigger grins than watching the kids get pulled around on the tube. All the kids took turns pairing up with others.  Here are just a few of many tubing photos!

In order to get good air the boat was driven in circles and would hit its own wake waves before the tubers would. Taking photographs was beyond difficult and I had to take breaks here and there when my stomach would get queasy.  But I loved photographing as much as the kids loved tubing! What I unfortunately have no photos of are the two Dads who decided to try double tubing one evening just before dusk. The moms, dogs and all the kids piled in the boat to watch Chris and Todd and all of their buffoonery as they tried to knock each other off the tube.  We all laughed until our stomachs hurt.

I got a little crazy one day and brought my camera and zoom lens with me in the kayak. I have never done anything like that before but there was a momma and daddy loon with 2 babies that I wanted to try and photograph.  I paddled slowly and cautiously and followed the loons in a big loop.  Anyone who knows loons know that they dive and swim underwater, so when they wanted to get away from me they would disappear for a while and then resurface.  They are amazing and beautiful creatures and I'm so glad I made that excursion.

From the kayak I also captured some photos of the kids jumping from the neighbor's trampoline.  The boys had such a blast chasing each other around the trampoline (a little wrestling ensued) and then humored with me with some shots of them all jumping together.

And there were many more photos documenting this wonderful trip.  It was so nice to escape the mess from the storms at home and we surely were blessed with beautiful weather in New Hampshire to forget it all!

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