Friday, January 20, 2012

Summer Excursions

There were a couple of little excursions I took with the kids over the summer that were never documented.  The other day one of the kids asked if we could go to Magic Wings again.  That's when I looked back on the blog and realized I'd never posted about our strawberry picking or our trip to see the beautiful butterflies.

A friend and neighbor had mentioned going strawberry picking locally. So after one of Jack's ortho appointments I took the kids strawberry picking for the first time. We had had a very wet winter and spring and it was towards the end of the picking season, but we still were able to find enough strawberries to make it worth the trip.

We were the only ones in the field until we were just about ready to leave and another family came along.  Jack was pretty comedic about the whole experience, particularly after he realized the strawberry stems are a little sharp. Ben wasn't super interested for very long and the only picture I got of him was extremely blurry (sorry Ben!)

Summer strawberry pickin

We never did finish all the strawberries we picked, but they were sure good!

Another summer day when the weather wasn't so great we ventured a little north to the butterfly museum. I  was personally very excited about this trip! We brought the boys about 9 years ago when Jack was about 3 and Ben was about 1.5.  I was very pregnant for Luke and remember when a butterfly landed on my big belly. Ben DID NOT like being around all the butterflies, but I was hoping that was just a toddler thing.

The beautiful butterflies were swarming everywhere! I brought my 50 mm lens so I could have a wide aperature for natural light, but unfortunately many of my photos had a little too much blur.  I did manage a few good ones.

We sat on the benches and played the waiting game for some butterflies to land on us.  Jack played it calm and cool and wouldn't you know a beautiful butterfly landed on his bright blue shirt?

Chica was also calm and patient and had a few visitors come along.

Luke cracked me up. He was both anxious to have the butterflies land on him, and a big freaked out.  This is probably one of my most favorite photos from 2011. I just love how I was able to capture his sqeamishness.

Eventually, he calmed down and had many more visitors.

Now Ben....unfortunately his toddler fears did not subside completely. He was the least interested in having butterflies land on him and did not enjoy them flying around his head.  Eventually, he did have some visitors and was able to endure both his fears and the big tickle from his beautiful friend....barely. (Again interesting that the bright green butterfly landed near his bright green shirt)

I could have stayed all day long but the kids were anxious to move on to Yankee Candle.

So off we went to Yankee Candle where the kids and I had fun exploring and they all made wax hands. 

These were some of the excurions that made our summer happy!

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