Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fall fun

In 2011, when the weather was bad, it was really bad.  But when the weather was was gloriously good! On the day that the schools had off for the observance of Columbus Day, we made plans with our friends to do some apple picking.  That day happened to also be Luke's 8th birthday! He was looking particularly handsome with the hairdo be made for himself.

The apple orchard we decided to go to is over the border in Connecticuit and has dwarf apple trees which are just perfect for the kids to pick from. They offered a bunch of different varieties for us to try.  The orchard was really nice and well maintained. 

After we were done picking apples the kids all humored me with some photos. 

Was hoping for a Christmas card shot, but didn't quite get there.

I was pretty surprised when Jack allowed me to take his photo. He has been running from the camera for months and months.  For some reason he decided to pose for me.  Very thankful for that!

We left the apple orchard but weren't quite ready to go home yet. We ended up at another familiar spot where the kids have had field trips before. We opted for a hay ride and then spent some time with the farm animals and in the corn and hay mazes.  It was the perfect way to end our fall festivies!

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