Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reptiles It Is!

For his 8th birthday, Luke decided that he would like to have a reptile party.  I knew just who to call for this...our friend Jeremy who we met when Jack had his snake birthday party a few years back.  I spoke with Jeremy and we lined up a few different reptiles for Luke.  The big difference with Luke's party was that I had to have the creatures in my house.  The situation wasn't ideal, but I kept the crew on the smaller side and set up in the basement. I admittedly have become desensitized to snakes and reptiles thanks to Jeremy.

We first met the ball phython which spent most of its a ball.  I have to admit, these are pretty neat snakes.  They seem very calm and don't get to be super huge.

Next we met the corn snake. The color was amazing. This guy was more active then the ball python but did let the kids hold him. Chica continues to prove that she has no fear.

Unfortunately we couldn't pass around the gecko because if he got loose it would have been a major chore to get him back. That was fine by me! Cool looking fellow, though.

The tortoise was very cool (but a little stinky :)). 

Next came the surprise in the big bin.   I knew what to expect....but this guy was bigger than the one that Jeremy brought to Jack's party!! Fenway the Bermese Python....the big kahoona!

You can get a sense here of how big this blessed snake was....stretched out so all the kids could hold him together!!

Then the kids all took turns having Fenway wrapped around their necks.  Fenway weighs about 50 you can tell by Luke's expressions that this was no easy feat!

I even gave it a turn this year!

After Jeremy, his sidekick Fluffy and the critters left, the kids all enjoyed food and then cake.  I had fun with this cake, inspired by some designs I found on the internet.

All in all a great time for Luke! Still not sure where the last 8 years have gone!!

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