Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Holidays

I'm just not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to keep convincing my family to get real Christmas trees.  The last couple of years the cold weather kind of ruined the fun for the little ones. But this year we went on a day that wasn't too cold and I think everyone was pretty happy. 

As a continuation of the wierdest year of weather on record, we had little to no snow and warm temps for most of the winter 2011/2012.  Photographs of our annual Christmas tree trip proved to be pretty boring. 

We walked and walked until we found some really beautiful trees.  Of course it wouldn't be a traditional year unless everyone shouted out their opinions on the best tree. 

Chica brought her messy hair and her toothless grin.

We finally agreed on the tree and all helped to cut it and carry back to the spot where they wrap it for you.  I'm hoping we will remember next year to be careful not to get such a big and fat tree!!

I snapped a shot of my favorite barn and added some texture to make it a bit prettier. This may be one of the last photos of the barn, as we learned that the Christmas tree farm is going to close. :(

A picture of the non-typical December!!

Jack helped Dad tie up the tree. You've got to learn these skills for when it's your turn as a Dad!

So like I said, the tree was super fat and big and we had to cut a lot off the bottom to even get the tree to fit in the stand.   This made it look a little funny but we still got a lot of compliments and our visitors were amazed at the size tree we got for the price. (I believe $35).  I am truly sad this tree farm is closing. It has treated us well the last few years.

As usual, there are not photos from the actual Chrismas holiday.  We had a great holiday. No storms and no sickness....bonus! We hosted a fun time Christmas Eve for both sides of our families.   The kids seemed happy with their gifts. Jack got the Beats headphones he was hoping for....Ben got a lot of car gifts (video game, books, model cars)...Luke got a cool Spartan Shield....and Amy seemed to enjoy her artsy gifts.

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