Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Years!!

We hadn't been out of town for New Years in several years.  Our friends invited us up for a long weekend of skiing and we were very excited to ski at a big mountain together as a family for the first time....and to ski together with our friends for the first time. We usually see them in August and spend our days lounging by the lake. 

I was a little hesitant as we drove toward Cannon Mountain the first morning. This mountain is in the northern most part of New Hampshire in the White Mountains, and there wasn't a lick of snow on the landscape until you got to the mountain. I was cringing at the cost we were going to pay for 6 multi-day lift tickets.  I was hoping and praying there would be something to ski on.

We stayed over on the beginner area for a while which gave Jack a chance to refamiliarize himself with snowboarding and to get the little ones going.  Jack decided to 100% snowboard this winter.

There was so much of the mountain that wasn't open. It was crazy!!

After our first day of skiing we went back to the cabin and had a fun time playing Wii dance party. There was a friendly competition among all of us...including the parents...and the overall winner was.....Luke!!!

We did head up to the higher spots that were open the next days skiing.  The conditions were tricky...but the views were amazing!!  Chica didn't flinch at the advanced trails. 

The morning we were leaving we were told the lake was frozen and the kids had a blast running around and sliding...and playing a new game our friend's created called "Tackle the sled".

Buddy came to the lake for the first time ever!! He was such a good boy and happy to be with us and smell the lake air!  (He was a complete wreck in the car the entire way up, however).

Chewie was in his glory. As long as there's a ball around, he doesn't care where he has to go to chase it.

The kids and pups posed for a shot before we hit the road.

My favorite boat shed.....had to get a winter shot.

And one last one of Chewie......winter at the lake suits him well!

It was a wonderful New Years! We came home tired and happy and ready to face 2012!

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