Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Winter that Never Was

Following a year of crazy, tumultuous weather (documented here,  here, here and here) I was a little shell-shocked coming in to Winter 2011/2.  I was fully expecting the streak of craziness to continue....and a little scared that it was going to.  But as we happened on winter, mother nature decided it was time for the atmosphere to take a little break.  Thank goodness!

So the good news was there were no major snow storms to worry about, no power losses, no powering up the generator. There were no school days to make up, no worries about ice damns, and virtually no shoveling! There was barely any snow, but thankfully our local ski mountain was able to make snow so that we were able to get some skiing in!

Here's what Winter 2011/2 looked like:

Our first trip to the ski mountain....January 8th. Believe it or not, we did ski.

January 9th - bright afternoon sun.....looks like it was summer!

January 15th - cold temps and the mountain was making snow!

We had some snow on my birthday again this year and Chica and the pups had some good play time in the snow the next day....

The snow melts and we are off for a bike ride and walk in the middle of winter....January 31st!

February 1st - more outside play without coats!

February 3rd and our new pear tree is budding with all of these warm temps

February 5th and some family skiing

A bonus snow storm on our last day of Camp Jewell, February 24th (separate post)

A most glorious day trip of skiing with family and friends to Stratton, Vermont was a winter highlight - February 26th.

March 4th and Daddy was away but Chica wanted to do the Slush Puppy race so up we went to the Mountain.  She had just gotten over a sick week of stomach bug and ear infection but she insisted on earning her slush puppy!

 And we enjoyed time with our cousins!

There were crazy warm temperatures in March...up in the 80's for many days.  Flowers and shrubs became very confused and bloomed early and we were ready to open the pool and begin summer!! But then reality set in and temperatures became more normal.   All in all....during the winter that never was.....we did ski a bunch of time and enjoy the snow that we had.  And although I did worry about the weather....but this time only because it wasn't crazy was nice to not have to deal with severe storms and their clean up!   

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