Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Year of My Canine Friends

I'm still in catch up mode for this blog. And since my main purpose for keeping the blog is a means to document (and subsequently print) life for my family and me, I must catch up!! 

Those that know me know that I love dogs. I love photographing dogs and this is one area where I've toyed with thoughts of photography as a business.  But I'm just not sure it would be lucrative and I still haven't built the confidence to do it.

I looked back on the canines I photographed the last year (excluding my own babies!) and decided they deserve a post! So without further ado....

Kiah is a family dog....a mini Australian Shepherd owned by my sister-in-law. She is a stunner and I grabbed this photo when I went to her property to photograph a stone wall during a Scavenger Hunt last February.

This is Buddy....an incredibly sweet Lhasa-poo owned by my friend Lisa. I also photographed Buddy as part of my Scavenger Hunt mission!

Sweet Ellie is owned by my friend Molly and her family. I'm sort of the reason that my friends found Ellie. They had lost their older Chocolate lab and I knew they were going to want another.  I saw an advertisement for a litter of puppies on the board of our local garden/feed/pet store and grabbed the information. I inspected the website when I got home and decided to send it to our friends.  Before I knew it, they had visited the breeder and left a deposit on a puppy! And I now have a God-puppy. She is just beautiful!

I can't remember this pug's name, but she belongs to my sister-in-law's friend and we met her at my nephew's baseball game.

Sweet Violet is Grandma's pup and she is beyond adorable. The kids and I just adore her!

Zoey is our friend's new goldendoodle.   Chica and I went to visit her one morning after school started and I grabbed some pics.  She was the fluffiest pup and has a sweet personality!

Our neighbors brought home a baby boxer named Sadie. They already have one named Rosie and when I saw Sadie I knew I had to bring over my camera.  Nothing cuter than a baby boxer!!

Of course I always photograph our friend's munsterlander, Izzy. She is a stunner with gorgeous golden eyes.  I just love her! She's so smart and just loves life at the lake!


Here's an update on Zoey! She loves her toys!

Chica, Luke and I went to watch Kiah perform at a dog show locally. She took home a few blue ribbons that day.

My friend/cousin's wife took me up on my offer to take a family photo. We met one cold December day  for a little photo session.  They all looked so amazing and coordinated.  And her pup Vincent was such a good boy.  Sadly, I think my friend knew this would be Vincent's last Christmas. Weeks before when Vincent went to be neutered, his vet discovered that he was born with bad kidneys.  They were very small and very diseased and looking back, it is a miracle that Vincent even survived at birth.  Just a couple of months ago at only about one and a half, sweet Vincent was laid to rest. I am so happy that this photo shoot happened. I will never forget sweet Vincent.

As a favor to another friend who had lost her father and was soon to lose her mother, I photographer her beautiful girls and their dog around Christmas. Well, they brought two dogs, but one just would not sit still. But 'ole Tanner was a champ. He is a special dog to my friend and I have to say that I have never met a dog with more expressive eyes.  His eyes mesmorize me and give him a human-like quality. 

For the first time in years we visited our lake friends for a winter weekend. Izzy was just as beautiful against the snow and it was very fun to watch her run across the frozen lake after her ball instead of swimming for it.

My cousin and her family recently adopted a pup and I grabbed this shot at my Uncle's birthday party.  She's a sweetie!

My friend Karen and I snuck away for a girl's weekend to her parent's cottage in Maine. We woke up the first morning and took a long walk on the beautiful Goose Rocks beach. We saw so many golden retrievers...I joked that it was the breed of Goose Rocks Beach. They were all happy dogs...many out to retrieve tennis balls.  We stopped to watch this one handsome boy jump in the freezing water to get his beloved ball.  His name is Finn and he was so handsome! His owner and owner's son were proud to show off Finn's skills. I ate it up, of course!

I have lots of pics of my own pups that I need to find and blog!! But I didn't want to miss showing off all of these beautiful canines!

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cggrlogan said...

Stella is a wee bit upset with you. She is wondering why you haven't taken her photograph and why she doesn't appear amongst your favorite pups. Gorgeous shots! ~Becky