Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Girl on her Big Date

I'm afraid that time is just going by way too fast. How did my baby girl get to be 5 years old? The last five years have gone by in a blink. I often look at my girl and tell her she needs to stop growing right this instant.  She just looks at me and smiles. If she only knew how seriously I mean it!

So she and her main man went to their second Father/Daughter dance a while back.  She was very excited to go and loved the dress I picked out for her.  There wasn't a lot feedback about the dance other than they had a very nice time and saw lots of people they knew. 

Speaking of my Chica getting so big, I snapped some photos of her zipping along on a scooter recently.  The picture reminded me so much of a series of pictures I had taken of her as a toddler. So I went back through the archives to find just the picture I was thinking of so I could do a comparison.

 Still smiles a ton....always wanting to be on the move...a happy girl....not afraid to try new things...determined....stubborn....independent....and beautiful as ever.

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