Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camp Jewell Through Luke's Eyes

After posting about our great trip to Camp Jewell, I stumbled across another folder of photos which clearly needed to be posted.  After having a really hard time sleeping the first night at Camp Jewell, I did not have the energy to join in on the early morning hike. Good news was that Luke did.  I didn't want to miss out on photos from the hike since the photos from last year's hike were my favorites.  So I handed Luke my pocket camera and sent him off with a mission.

My friends that went on the hike reported back that Luke did a great job with the photos and that he had an amazing eye.  To say they were correct is an understatement.  After I went through the photos I was amazed and impressed at Luke's natural photo-taking ability.  Either he's been really paying attention to how I've been photographing or he's just got it the knack.   I used a Pioneer Woman Boost action on most of the photos and did simple black and white converions on a couple.  But Luke's point-of-view is what makes these photos!

(not sure who took the photo but photographer Luke is furthest left)

My favorite....

He's captured himself here!

So proud of my little photographer!

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