Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Derby!

The Scout Pinewood Derby came around again this past March and Luke had some great plans and ideas about his car.  He designed his car on paper and worked with Dad to cut it out. He decided on a camoflauge pattern and picked out his own paint colors. He did an amazing job turning his little block of wood into his personally designed and self-constructed derby car!

Derby day was exciting! The scouts were all anxious for their turns racing. With the big increase in the size of the Scout pack, there were a lot of really cool cars and some great competition.

Luke's car did really well, taking first in the first heat....

and a second....

and a third place....

and I can't remember how this heat faired, but it sure was close!

 Overall a great time and a lot of fun. Luke was very proud of his car....and we were even more proud of him!

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