Thursday, June 7, 2012

Perfect Pinterest Project

I joined Pinterest a couple of months ago and stumbled across an idea that looked colorful and fun. Chica just loves projects and we both love animals, so I decided to give it a try.  The project involved filling a suet feeder with yarn scraps for the birds to take for their nest making.

I had a lot of extra yarn from my old knitting days so Chica and I cut them into pieces of different lengths. We used all different kinds of yarn in various colors. 

We decided to hang the feeder outside the living room window in hopes that we would have a close up view of birds taking the yard.

But it turns out we couldn't just see the suet feeder, we had to walk over to the window and look down.  Eventually I moved the feeder to a shephard's hook off the pool deck which we can see without any effort.

We didn't see any action on the suet feeder for quite some time so I wasn't sure if the whole project was a bust.  And then I woke up on Mother's Day, walked into the kitchen to get my coffee and looked out the back door only to see the most beautiful yellow bird taking a piece of yarn! The sight absolutely made my day! I grabbed my camera and did the best I could shooting from a distance through a glass door and screened porch.  How exciting to get some shots actually showing the bird had the yarn!!

I had never seen this type of bird before and the kids and I looked in my bird book to see what kind it was. Research shows it was either a warbler or a tanager....but I'm not sure which one!

Now if I could just find a picture of a nest with some colorful yarn weaved in it would make the whole project complete!!

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