Saturday, July 21, 2012

Goat Rock

Over spring vacation the kids and I and some friends decided to take a hike.  Our initial plan was to hike the 'waterfall trail' behind my in-laws but when we arrived Grandma told us the trail was in rough shape from the October storm. Nini confirmed that the trail was covered with downed trees and unhikable. She then told us that we should head over to Goat Rock which was right in the center of town. Who knew?!

Up we went on Goat Rock trail.

We weren't really sure which rock was Goat Rock.  The kids posed on this rock thinking we had found it....but in fact we had not. Higher up we went.

We came to a clearing and an absolutely glorious view.  Grandma's and Nini's houses were straight ahead.

We admired the view for a while and continued on a little while longer and then turned around.  We thought we had found Goat Rock at the Vista. We found out later that we never made it to Goat Rock.

The kids were pretty hot but happy to play in the stream.  We had a great day hanging and hiking with our friends!

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