Monday, August 6, 2012

My Soccer Girl

Chica finished her third season with her little soccer team this spring.  Most of her teammates are the same ones she's been playing with since last spring. Last spring she was four years old for the whole season...turning five after the season ended! This spring she was about to turn six right when the season ended. Two seasons and a year later....she was an entirely different kid out on the field. 

At the end of the fall season of 2011 before the crazy snowstorm came and put an abrupt end to her games, Chica got her very first goal. At that moment a lightbulb went off in her little head. She started this spring very eager to play. She liked all the positions.  I loved watching her play goalie. She anticipated the play and when she got the ball she would immediately run and throw it to a teammate....trying to giver her 'mates a chance to take it down the field before their opponents were ready.

On the field she did so many things better than last spring.  She ran faster, had much more stamina, didn't back down from her opponents, dribbled with her head up, used the 'pull back' she learned in practice and just overall played smarter! She really seemed to get it!

As I look at the pictures I took of her during the season I realize how many different hair-do's she had. She actually looked fairly put together and neat....which doesn't truly reflect how most of the time her hair is unbrushed. She gives me such a hard time with her hair!! Her hair was the neatest the day she let "Jackie do it".

Messy hair or not, this spunky thing is fun as heck to watch! And in the fall she'll be movin' up to U-8!