Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Am Going on This Hike

Ever since my friend, Becky, and I hiked Peaked Mountain I have been thinking about taking the kids. It is not a difficult hike and the views are spectacular. So one sunny day this summer I declared I was going on the hike and taking at least my big boys with me. They became quickly on board after we invited our friend and his mom and they agreed to come.

Soon into the hike there is a little pond that is just brewing with little creatures. Boys quickly became boys and they began to hunt for things to catch.  We found frogs in various stages of growth.

The hunting continued for a while and Jack eventually stepped in the pond by accident. He was a trooper, though, and didn't complain the rest of the hike while squashing around in his soggy basketball sneaker.

The views were glorious!!


At the top there a perfectly sprawling rock formation that you can sit on and take in the beauty. By some grace of God I got the boys to sit and pose for me. And then even crazier, I got in a photo myself!


As if our hike wasn't great enough, we were soaking up the views when out of nowhere a pack of dogs came running out of the woods. There must have been a dozen dogs....shelties, aussies, goldens, border collies! As a bunch of dog lovers, we were very excited but wondering where the heck these dogs were coming from off-leash. Their owners appeared soon thereafter and it turns out it was a group of women who train and compete in agility and dog shows together.

I was chomping at the bit for a photo opp and eventually convinced one woman to let me photograph her two dogs....who were amazingly cool and even more amazingly smart!

The kids threw sticks for some of the dogs who all competed to retrieve them. They were so cool to watch!! Eventually we said our goodbyes but ran into them again on our way back down. The little shelties were lingering back from their owners, trying to make sure we were coming along....their herding instincts kicking in! It was a beautiful and fun day for a hike. I'm still glad in insisted on it!!

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