Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rainbows, Snaggle Teeth and Six

With the end of school and the end of June,  it was time again for Chica's birthday! Her preference was for a party at our house. And while the porch was still a wreck from last year's storms, I figured none of the other 6 year old girls would judge.  A pinterest idea had been stuck in my head for a while...homemade playdough in vibrant colors.  This sounded like a good idea for a goody bag and for Chica to help with. With that starting idea, a rainbow theme evolved.
Chica and Jack were very interested in the playdough making process and were both helpful.

Before we knew it, we had a full rainbow of playdough colors (and a pretty messy kitchen).

The birthday-girl-to-be was sporting a serious snaggle tooth. After many attempts at wiggling it and pulling it, that tooth would not come out.

Party day came and everything was in place. The goody bags were wrapped and ready to go. Activities planned were rainbow beading, rainbow nail salon and swimming.  Food included rainbow fruit skewers and rainbow cake.  It felt like a long time since I had a home party with a theme. I was feeling pretty good about it. :)
Well, none of my mom friends could stay and hang out for the party which was a total bummer. But my boys were on hand to work the nail salon.  Some of the girls got a kick out of the attention from the older men.
The beading was a little challenging since the cool rainbow material frayed easily at the ends.  So the girls hit the pool and had some fun splashing in the sun. It was a great day for swimming.
When it came time for singing happy birthday and having cake and ice cream, I made sure to get a picture of Chica in her birthday princess hat. I haven't missed a year yet!
Cake with rainbow skittles and marshmellow clouds was served and a bite or two into the cake, Chica announced that her tooth had come out! The skittles did the trick!

All in all a fun party for my girl and all her cute friends.   
A couple things I was reminded of with this party: 1) it's helpful to get the kids involved in the makes them invested in the results and helpful (i.e. the whole crew helping me look for rainbow nail polish at CVS) and 2) nobody really appreciates the themes as much as the party planner! :))

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