Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taking the Title(s)

So although the Falcons didn't earn any titles in their regular and post season play in 2012, they came to the local Casagrande Tournament ready to win.  This was a tournament that Jack had played in once many years ago for a different team.  Now it was time to play as a Falcon.

The weather for the tournament wasn't so great There was rain and thunderstorms and some of the games had to be post-poned.  Our British Soccer coach, Ben, was staying at the house and came to watch the boys play. I like to think he was our good luck charm. This many months past the actual tournament, the details are pretty faint.  One thing I do remember is that in one of the games Jack hit three doubles and was instrumental in the team win.  For one of the first games Ben got a clutch game winning bunt. 

So the boys played great and made it to the championship game one VERY steamy Saturday. They were playing their rivals, the Indians. The game was close and the Falcons were behind until Ben attempted to steal home and caused the pitcher to balk. He came in and the game was tied. A little while later, Jack got probably the biggest hit of the season...if not his life.  Unfortunately there was no fence or it would have been a homer. But he did get a sweet triple out of it and an RBI to push the team ahead 4-3. A teammate then popped up to short and Jack ran for home and got lucky when the catcher dropped the ball. Safe! The team went up 5-3 and ended up winning. The kids were ecstatic to take the tournament championship title for their age group. 

As if tourny champions wasn't exciting enough, Jack's coach selected him as tournament MVP of the team.  Although I am the biased mom, I believe this was well-deserved and I was so proud.

And here are the boys with their good luck charm, Ben. Ah, nothing like the luck of the Irish!

A great ending for my baseball brothers! Cooperstown or bust!

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