Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Season in Review

2012 was Luke's first year of competitive baseball, with 100% kid pitch, balls & strikes and six outs per inning. His team was considered Tri-town B, but ended up playing against some rec teams since there weren't enough other Tri-town B teams in the area.  He didn't care who he was playing because he liked his coach, his teammates and just playing! He showed a lot of interest in catching and took many turns behind the dish.  He also proved to be a good little pitcher. Although not fast, he was methodical, thoughtful and fairly accurate.  His team won enough games to make it to playoffs but then lost in their first game. 
I didn't realize how many good pictures I have of Luke.   I chose some of my favorites to post here.  Surely he'll appreciate how his adorably lanky body looked in the various offensive and defensive positions. A couple of my favorite photos are the photo of Luke warming up to pitch with his Dad, and sitting on the bench with his biggest brother. Until this year, it was always Luke being the spectator brother.  At Luke's playoff game the whole family went and Jack went and sat with Luke on the bench. Luke was very pensive and quiet...probably a little nervous.  But I loved that the two of them were sitting their together taking in the game. Another addition to my 'baseball brothers' portfolio!


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