Friday, March 29, 2013

Apple Picking Goofiness

We found our calendars open on the Monday of Columbus Day weekend and made plans with our friends to go apple picking at our favorite spot in Connecticut. It turned out there weren't a lot of apples to choose from....about 2-3 different varieties, and none that excited any of us.  But we made it there and had to pick some apples!

The views are usually picturesque.  The clouds were masking the blue skies for the most part.  I attempted to get a group shot of my kids but what I got was a whole lot of silliness.  Chica gave us her best "ducky" pose which for some reason is THE teenage pose these days.

Jack was not helping at all. He wanted no part of posing for a family shot and although I was totally annoyed, the resulting pictures are pretty funny. Ben couldn't contain his laughs.

As a little pay back for his noncompliance...SNIPE.

A couple more attempts at a group shot. Ben, Luke and Chica were helpful. Jack, not so much. At least I got to show him how his pants look from behind.

Eventually, my kids were guilted into a group shot with our friends.

Fun time!

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