Monday, March 11, 2013

Lake 2012

We received yet another invite to the lake house our dear friends.  They are special keep inviting our whole crew year after year. And this year we pushed our luck and asked if we could bring both Buddy and Chewie for the visit. They said yes and I was so excited to bring Buddy to the water for the first time. All these years and I've never taken him to the ocean or a lake. I couldn't wait to see his reaction, especially since he seems to hate water back home...rain water, hose water, sprinkler water....all water.

We had glorious weather again which made our time spent there extra fun.  The kids got right back into their normal routines of kayaking, swimming to the dock, digging in the sand, paddle boats....and asking to go out on the boat for some tubing.  And I snuck off after the lake loons to get some pictures. The mom, dad and two babies were nice enough to pose for me.

I was pleasantly very surprised to to see how much Buddy liked the water. He actually walked right in without being pulled or dragged and went up to his chest in the lake. Izzy showed off her swimming and ball fetching skills and Chewie didn't care about getting wet and dirty but couldn't figure out how to put his mouth in the water to get the floating balls. Our trips to the lake are our favorite of the year and my favorite spot to take photos.  Throw three dogs into the mix and I'm a happy photographin' momma.

And most certainly the activity that generated the biggest smiles, the biggest laughs and the biggest air was tubing.  Beginning last year, the kids caught on to the fun of 'crazy tubing'.  And they were back at it this summer without any hesitation.  There were mostly laughs when the kids got thrown off the tubes. But at one point Ben had had enough of Todd's driving and was ticked off. He had to take a rest and time away from us all to get over his funk.  Things got a little crazy when the boat pulled two tubes at once and all the boys were trying the same buffoonery as their dads.  I'm still thankful they all made it through safely, as I know accidents happen and we were off to Cooperstown the next week for our big tournament. If either of my big boys got seriously injured there would have been alot of people very upset...including me.  Ironically, the very last tubing ride of the trip ended up in major crash and I was s.c.a.r.e.d. The kids were supposed to raise their hands when after they crashed to let us know they were okay. After the big crash there were a lot of stunned faces and no hands were up.  The kids were pretty wrecked but there were no injuries.  Major relief.  Here are just a few of the hundreds of tubing photos.

In addition to lots of tubing, the kids tried some other lake activities. 

I took a bunch of Instagram photos and a few cool shots of the boathouse one early morning while I was taking out the dogs. It's hard to narrow down photos for a blog post on this trip because I come back with over 400 photos! They are always from favorite of the year1

Overall it was a great time at the lake with our friends. Great weather, great food, great swiffies on the dock for happy hour. Happy, active kids making great memories. It's just hard for me to believe at one point there was just Jack and now there are 7 little rugrats and 3 dogs running around.  Partridge Lake is a cherished spot to us all.

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