Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photowalk Getaway

My friend, Becky, invited me to join in her a Scott Kelby photowalk that was happening at a place I've been wanting to see for a long time - Quabbin Reservoir. I was so excited to get away for a little bit and take pictures,  although I was a little unsure of how it would be meeting up and photographing with strangers.  I don't do well forcing myself to take photos and I don't feel like I have confidence about my natural eye for photos.
We had a gorgeous day and Quabbin was more beautiful than I expected. The only surprise was that the foliage was not much to see.  The second week October should be peak or past peak foliage and the vibrant fall New England colors were lacking.
Our first stop was to meet the group at a tower. Wow....the views were glorious.

After we were done viewing the scene from the top of the tower I grabbed a couple shots of the tower itself. I think I submitted the second shot to the Kelby Photowalk contest.

Our next stop was Enfield Lookout.  The sites were so pretty, but I couldn't think of a way to make a landscape photo unique.

Across the road from the lookout was a wooded area with a little pond. There were pretty reflections and colors in this little area.

After the Lookout we went to the dam. By then the clouds had come and the light wasn't that great and I just wasn't feeling the love for photographing the scenery. But I did find some rocky love along the way.

Becky and I did circle back to these trees which looked pretty awesome from the road.  Unfortunately they seemed to be diseased and were being cut down.
As we were leaving the Quabbin area we stopped at a bridge where there is a river.  There were two guys finishing up some fishing.  That was a treat to see and I went over to see if I could photograph their catch.

Typical photograph enthusiasts, most of us chased the last of the light to photograph a pretty church down the road.  Finally some pretty foliage!

It was a nice day with Becky.  I always learn a lot from her and enjoy her company. We had a nice dinner together and then went home to examine our photographic prizes!

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Paula Apro said...

Gorgeous shots!!! I must get there. I can't believe how much it looks like Maine. Love it.